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Our mission is to provide access to the basic resources and opportunities our neighbors need. Through this we model the love of Christ to families and individuals in our community. To accomplish our mission, we have a number of different programs designed to serve different specific needs in the community.

Food Program

We believe that every family in our community should have access to adequate quantity and quality of food to meet their nutritional needs. Many families in our community lack adequate resources to meet their basic needs. Our Food Program is designed to address this problem.

Clothing Program

We believe in empowering our neighbors. One way we strive to accomplish this is by providing clean and quality clothing. Our neighbors are given the opportunity to choose from a diverse selection of donated items so they can select which items best suit their needs.

Social Work Program

Poverty is complex and traumatic. Our trained and experienced social work staff are available to address holistic needs individuals have by connecting them with the available and appropriate community resources as well as providing case management for long-term support.

Sac Pac Program

The weekend presents a challenge for some children who may face food insecurity, not having enough food to meet nutritional needs. Our Sac Pac Program works to make sure these children have food for the weekend instead of the fear of hunger.

Getting Ahead Program

Individuals experiencing poverty feel trapped and unable to move forward. Our Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ By World group allows individuals the chance to work and learn together in a small group to create an effective path out of poverty.

Spritiual Support

Spritiual support is an essential factor when facing difficult times. Our volunteer prayer liasions are available for individuals requesting prayer. All individuals are invited and welcome to join devotions prior to our service hours.

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