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“Helping others is not limited to providing food, shelter, and so forth, but includes relieving the basic causes of suffering and providing the basic causes of happiness”

Operating Hours

  • Sunday: Closed to the Public
  • Monday: Closed to the Public
  • Tuesday: 9:00am – 12:00pm
  • Tuesday: 5:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00am – 12pm
  • Thursday: 9:00am – 12pm
  • Friday: 9:00am – 12pm
  • Saturday: Closed to the Public


Our mission is to provide access to the basic resources and opportunities our neighbors need. Through this we model the love of Christ to families and individuals in our community. To accomplish our mission, we have a number of different programs designed to serve different specific needs in the community.

Food Pantry
To prevent food insecurity, families can receive food up to twice per month. Each household receives at least 20 pounds of food per visit. Families must state income, provide proof of address, and verification of identity. Registration required at first visit and annually after.
Families can shop for free clothing up to twice per month. Clothing is provided through community donations, which can be dropped off during our normal operating hours. Eligibility is the same as food program.
Case Management

We aim to advocate for our clients by providing compassionate, non-judgemental, and professional social work services. Our trained social work staff partners with clients to connect them with community resources to help them achieve their goals, and provides case management for long-term development.

Our organization works with many other organizations in the Cleveland/Bradley County community to redirect our clients to other organizations who can provide resources and assistance beyond the scope of what The Caring Place can provide.

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Community Social Work
Professional social work services for anyone in our community. Provides area resource linkage, financial need assessments and assistance, short-term case management, and care plan collaboration for high-risk, vulnerable adults. Financial assistance is limited to rent and utilities. Must have documented, unexpected loss of income or increase in required expenses. Assistance with applications to community and/or government programs provided by appointment.
Sac Pac Weekend Meals
Children should never worry about having enough food. The Sac Pac program, in collaboration with Bradley County Schools & EL Ross, provides children at risk of food insecurity six mini meals each Friday during the school year.
Spiritual Support & Community
As a Christian faith-based organization, we recognize that the connection with Christ and a body of faithful believers is our primary foundation. We welcome all, regardless of background or belief, inviting them to walk with us as one community. Our commitment to exemplifying Christ-like love is displayed when we pray with those who ask, listen to those who haven’t been heard, and move forward together to meet needs with love. Devotions are held 30 minutes before service and our neighbors are welcome to join.
Getting Ahead
16-week program investigating poverty and developing a plan to start getting ahead. Participants are paid $25 per session and up to $1000 for housing support. Graduates are provided resources to stay ahead with ongoing support.
Ready to Work Closet
For those starting new employment, we can assist with initial clothing items such as non-slip shoes or scrubs through our Ready to Work Closet. This is administered by our Community Social Workers and supplies are limited.
Housing United
In partnership with United Way of the Ocoee Region, we provide case management and financial support for rapid rehousing and eviction prevention. Support is provided up to six months after housing is obtained.
Access Home
Outreach and support to individuals in the community without permanent shelter. Focus on coordinating entry to housing services, basic needs, financial resource applications (SNAP, SSI, etc), and connection with healthcare resources.