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Values In Action C.A.R.E.


Our mission is to connect our neighbors to opportunities and resources they need. We offer support for the most basic resources that individuals and families need through our basic food and clothing assistance program. During the school year, our Sac Pac program provides weekend meals for children facing hunger over the weekend.

For more information about the services we provide, follow the link below.


We aim to advocate for our neighbors in need by providing compassionate social work services. Our social work staff partners with clients to connect them with community resources to help them achieve their goals and provides case management for long-term development.

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We seek to restore the dignity of the human experience for our neighbors. We gather for daily devotions led by our volunteers and staff. All are invited and welcome to attend. Additionally, volunteer spiritual liaisons are available to listen and pray for any of our neighbors who request it.

Follow the link below to learn more about who we are and what we believe in.


We envision a future where our neighbors are empowered and equipped to achieve their goals. Our Getting Ahead program provides an interactive small-group experience where clients can investigate the causes of poverty and collaboratively form solutions, both for the community and themselves.

For more information about our Getting Ahead program, follow the link below.