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About The Caring Place

Our Mission

To provide access to the basic resources and opportunities our neighbors need

Our Vision

We envision a community where everyone has access to the resources and opportunities they need to thrive

A Foundation of Love and Faith

Today, The Caring Place has support from 60 churches, representing 12 denominations, 134 active volunteers, 11 staff members, and over 150 organizations and businesses. Currently, God has placed Corinne Freeman as the Executive Director. Corinne began with The Caring Place in 2014. Her love and compassion has continued to grow and commitment to move forward is contagious. It is amazing to see all that God has done through the ministry of love at The Caring Place since we began in 2000, when four of the larger Churches of God in Bradley County decided to merge their benevolent ministries into one entity and formed Lift and Redemption Ministries. Lift and Redemption Ministries began doing business as The Caring Place in 2005. With this transition to The Caring Place in 2005, the Board hired Reba A. Terry, LCSW as Executive Director. The organization began to grow as additional churches expressed interest in combining their benevolent efforts with that of The Caring Place. By 2008, The Caring Place had 40 partner churches from 12 different denominations, and over 100 active volunteers.

Reba’s leadership expanded services to clothing and social work. In addition, she served as an advocate to continually share the needs of our community with others so that programs and opportunities, such as our Sac Pac program, could become realities. In January 2016, Dr. Randy Howard became the Executive Director. Through his leadership, a focus on spiritual support for our clients saw our devotions open to those we serve as well as a dedicated prayer station.

Today, Corinne Freeman has continued to build upon the firm foundation of faith in the love of Christ and collaboration with our sisters and brothers to see an end to poverty through opportunities and resources. She recognizes that it is by everyone being present at the table, in recognizing the value each person brings, that we are able to move forward as a community from surviving to thriving.

The Caring Place Early Days


We connect our neighbors to resources and each other. We provide food, clothing, professional social work services, and spiritual support to families in need.


We serve as advocates and champions for our neighbors, bringing attention to needs and obstacles in our community that adversely affect those in poverty.


We see lives restored and transformed through spiritual support and neighborly love. We offer compassionate, non-judgemental care that affirms the dignity and worth of each individual.


We seek to empower our neighbors and community through investigative groups for individuals to build their future story and build supports to make it a reality.