Breaking Bread Together

Gift of Loyalty ($8000 and Above)

  • Anonymous
  • Mike and Mary Seago

Gift of Sustainability ($5000 and Above)

  • Chattanooga Times Free Press
  • Paul and Darlia Conn
  • Sarah Harris
  • Southern Heritage Bank (Lee and Cynthia Stewart)
  • Mark and Sandra Kay Williams


Gift of Love ($2000 and Above)

  • ACTS Ministry
  • Tricon

Gift of Hope ($1000 and Above)

  • Rodney and Margo Fitzgerald
  • Joan O’Bannon
  • Barry and Iris Ray
  • William and Deborah Stockham


Patrons ($100 and Above)

  • Bowater Credit Union
  • Pat Burris
  • Bob and Libby Carmon
  • Brian and Jeannine Denning
  • Coleman and Amy Foss
  • Douglas and Mabel Greene
  • Jerome and Vanessa Hammond
  • Harry Hickey
  • Don and Cynthia Humes
  • Michael and Lisa Mench
  • J Brian Miles
  • David and Alice Swearingen
  • Top Tech Automotive
  • Hugh and Kay Walker
  • Kenneth and Dianne Webb
  • Phillip and Amy Winget
  • Young’s Auto Body
Gift of Friendship ($500 and Above)
  • Bank of Cleveland
  • Baynes – Ruth Properties
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  • Nelson Bowers
  • Kevin and Kim Brooks
  • Bob and Susan Card
  • Barry and Teresa Crabtree
  • Don Ledford Automotive
  • First Tennessee Bank
  • Paul and Tannis Duncan
  • Grissom Serenity Funeral Home
  • Lee and Bonnie Hathcock
  • Larry Hill
  • Tom Johnson
  • Steven and Beverly Ledbetter
  • Patrick and Cornelia Marcrom
  • Martha V. McDowell
  • Jim and Kelly Ohlsson
  • Regions Bank
  • Gary and Jodi Riggins
  • Tennova Health
  • Whirlpool Call Center
  • James and Diane Williams
Gift of Support ($250 and Above)
  • Andy and Laura Anderson
  • Ron and Pam Barker
  • Barrett Foundation Fund
  • Frank and Deanna Bryant
  • Paul and Kerre Bogard
  • Rick and Kathy Creasy
  • Eric Evans- State Farm Insurance
  • R Mark Johnson
  • Toni Miles
  • Pearle Vision




  • Jennifer and Donald Cobb
  • William and Marilyn Kearney
  • Jennifer Kent Leslie
  • Richard and Sherri Pirtle
  • Phillip and Connie Rickard
  • Todd and Jacqueline Shultz

Thanks to the facilities, food, and food preparation which makes it possible!!


  • Lee University



  • Cooke’s
  • Cupcake Diva
  • Food City
  • Billy Haney Meat Company
  • Julie Lannom
  • Lou Ann Wright
  • Publix
  • Sodexo
  • Town House Bake

Food Prep

  • Sodexo (Tim Tenon and Chef Richmond Flowers)
  • American Culinary Association

Decorations and Gifts

  • Keith Bester and Ambiance
  • Paul and Kerre Bogard
  • Central Drug Store
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Crabtree Small Group at Silverdale Baptist Church
  • M & M Mars
  • Orange Blossom Boutique
  • Peerless Pediatrics
  • Superior Cleaners


From the Lee University Music Department

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And Special thanks to the volunteers who made this a memorable night for our friends!!

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  • Ben & Carmen Perez
  • Carla Days
  • Murl & Carolyn Dirksen
  • Corrine Freeman
  • Cynthia Lynn
  • Cynthia Stewart
  • Danny & LeAnne Poole
  • Darlia Conn
  • Deborah Hughes
  • Dennis Conover
  • Diane King
  • Dr. William Lamb
  • Duane Pace

  • Gary & Jodi Riggins
  • Harry Hickey
  • Jaynese Waddell
  • Joan O’Bannon
  • Julia and Lee Lannon
  • Julie Landburg
  • Karin Ware
  • Karen Lynch Williams
  • Kelly Ohlsson
  • Kia Woodard
  • Lee Stewart
  • Lisa Mantooth
  • Mike & Mary Helen Sego
  • Nancy Clark

  • Pat Fuller
  • Reba Terry
  • Rosanne Felix
  • Ruth Walker
  • Sandra Woodard
  • Sarah Haratine
  • Sharyl & Dennis Sieh
  • Sheila McElhaney
  • Steve & Beverly Ledbetter
  • Steve & Polly Black
  • Stormy Fisher
  • Teresa Crabtree
  • Tom & Shirlee Harris

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St. Augustine is quoted as saying:

What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men. That is what love looks like.”

At The Caring Place we have the opportunity to minister to those who are poor and in crisis through services that help meet their basic needs. We have the opportunity to show love, as we were directed in 1 John 3:18 “let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.”


The Caring Place core services are:

  • Food: We provide bags of groceries.
  • Clothing: Ready to wear clothing for men, women, and children, household items, and toiletries.
  • Social Services: We have a licensed social worker on staff who is available to assist families and individuals.
  • Neighbors in Need – Empowering Lives: This program addresses the financial needs of disadvantaged in Bradley county with a goal to break the cycle of poverty by linking participants with local service organization that provide enrichment opportunities.  Participant’s financial needs are assessed and followed by a case manager.  If required, funds can be identified to assist with rent, mortgage payments and utilities.
  • Sac Pac: Provides take-home food to school children at risk of being hungry over weekends.  The program sends a sack of food home with 780 children in 15 schools in Bradley county.
  • For information on other programs offered, please go to the “What We Do” tab.

The Caring Place Statistics 2015:

  • 988: Average number of households served each month.
  • 13,938: Total number of children who were assisted through The Caring Place.
  • 106,110: Total  pounds of food given to those in need.
  • 267,030: Total number of diapers given to struggling families.
  • 23,086: Total number of Sac Pacs provided to elementary and middle school students.
  • 555: Number of families assisted by Neighbors in Need
  • 261: Number of homeless households  served.

 The Caring Place is blessed by a community of volunteers. In 2015, more than 160 active volunteers contributed their skills to ministering to the needy of Bradley County by working at The Caring Place. Volunteers greeted clients, assessed need, packed food bags, sorted clothing and encouraged many people through prayers, kind words, and smiling faces.